(Photo by Carlie G. via Shared Studios on Twitter)

Step into the SF Portal to chat with strangers from across the globe


Intergalactic wormholes may not exist (yet), but here's the next best thing.

The San Francisco Portal, which made its first appearance in Hayes Valley in 2015, is opening the door to global communication again at Crissy Field. You just have to book a reservation online (it's free of charge) to slip into the gold-painted box that's parked on the lawn; you can then have a 20-minutes live conversation with someone who lives on the other side of the world.

(Courtesy of Shared Studios via Twitter)

From the creatives at Shared Studios, the interactive art project aims to bring the global world to the micro level with grand 8-foot-tall projection screens allowing visitors to meet face-to-face, and in full life size (FaceTime, ShmaceTime), from 22 sites including Kabul, Nairobi, Berlin, Yangon, and the exotic city of Baltimore. There's little to hide and no reason to try—when you're done firing off curious questions at your counterpart, you just exit the portal and re-enter your own world. (Unless you decide to keep in touch, in which case you've just made yourself a pen pal.)

// Through September 24, 2017; 1199 East Beach (Presidio), sharedstudios.com

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