Silicon Valley Eats: Pizza Napoletana, Baos, and Beers


The latest foodie happenings on the Peninsula.

Mountain View abounds with new slice and pie options with the opening this month of Doppio Zero, a lunch and dinner Italian spot on Castro Street with specific cred. The outfit is headed up by Alberto & Angelo Sannino and uses the highly regarded specialty “00” flour for an added touch of authenticity to make pizza Napoletana, which is regulated by the pizza gurus at American Delegation of the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana – a licensing trade group with ties to Naples. Other Silicon Valley spots that adhere to this tasty tradition include: Terun (Palo Alto), and Oak & Rye (Los Gatos) – membership sure does have its privileges.

Using “00” flour usually equates to pizzas (as well as breads and pastas) that have a higher protein count and desirable light texture. Check the catchy new brick oven that was shipped over from the motherland and has the words “Doppio Zero.” Dig right in to antipasti, insalate (trecciolina), pizze with homemade mozzarella: the Margherita or di Angelo (prosciutto, truffle cream, mushrooms, arugula, and Parmiggiano Reggiano) varieties; and even primi with a tasty sounding lasagna or scoglio (Pacherri pasta with mussels, clams, shrimp and baby octopus cooked in a light spicy tomato sauce). Meatball fiends can get a fix in the saucy polpettine starter that has marinara sauce and grilled bread to keep things fun and social. There is a full bar and the spot appears to be friendly for groups as well as tykes & their friendly handlers. Sweet treats are simple: tiramisu or a berry laden panna cotta. Real estate watchers note this was the spot for the confusingly named Pasta? restaurant—we always pronounced that one with a lilt and decided dinnertime giggle. 160 Castro St., Mountain View. 

For those seeking internationally inspired burgers and hoppy beers with that visit to Castro Street, there is a new spot for just that. Buffalo Beers Burgers Baos opened recently and is a project from chef-owner Brandon Poon, who reportedly studied fine dining at The Art Institute of California’s Sunnyvale campus. Poon is getting creative with his menu here, with a pork belly breakfast slider, duck confit (fluffy) bao with mango slaw; pork belly bao (toasted and served with sweet pickled cucumbers, chilies, green onion and sesame seeds). There's also a fun guy Wagyu beef burger with shiitake mushrooms as well as a banh mi burger that shows Vietnamese influences. For fried goods, check the seaweed-seasoned furikake fries (which are having a great run at Fog City up in San Francisco) that come with four sauces: Sriracha aioli, lemon-citrus, garlic, and sundried tomato. Or try chicken wings, and edamame hummus. The beers (Hefeweizen, Allagash Curieux) are of the craft and often-local variety. You can play around while you drink: the name buffalo is for a fun and simple drinking game that involves one’s right hand, should the dining and drinking mood so embolden you. 292 Castro St., Mountain View. 

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