Six All-Star Breakfast Pizzas

Six All-Star Breakfast Pizzas


As much as it pains me to admit, the bacon dessert fad may have gotten a little out of hand. But I will tell you one trend I am not over: Pizza. Anyone who has experienced the pizza craze in SF knows that our fine city knows its pizza and does it well. When you combine our love of pies with our love of brunch, a beautiful thing is born: The breakfast pizza. Warm, cheesy, and topped with a rich runny egg, a breakfast pizza can sometimes, honestly, be the best way to start the day. It's salty, creamy and satisfying enough to be perfect for weekend breakfast, yet when shared, is light enough to not leave you in a paralyzing food coma. Here's a list of six of our favorite brunch pizzas in the city (and yes, I'll still gladly take mine with bacon).  

Zero Zero: squash, squash blossom, egg & goat cheese (above)
Their accompaniments change frequently, but right now in SoMa, Zero Zero is throwing their dough with market squash, squash blossoms, oregano, garlic, goat cheese, house-pulled mozzarella, Grana Padano, and topped with the softest sous-vide egg imaginable.

photo courtesy of Gioia

Gioia: bacon, tomato & egg
Citizens of upper Polk can rejoice- there's a new brunch joint in the neighborhood. Gioia has graced upper Polk with its presence going on four months now, but the addition of brunch is brand new- so welcome it to the 'hood by ordering their breakfast pizza: Sweet Mariquita tomatoes tossed in sliced red onion and hot chili flakes, baked on top of a mozzarella and provolone pie. They star it with 5 crinkled strips of Neuske bacon, and finish it with two golden fried eggs.

photo courtesy of Rose's

Rose's Cafesmoked ham, egg & fontina
On a quaint corner in Cow Hollow, Chef Mark Gordon tops his pizza with two fried Judy's organic eggs, smoked Caggiano Ham and nutty fontina cheese. Have a slice of this on the cozy sidewalk with a cappuccino to start your weekend.  

Photo by Aubrie Pick

Starbellychorizo, cilantro, & egg
The combination of Chef Adam Timney's house-made pork chorizo, bright cilantro, and fresh farm eggs atop a naturally leavened sourdough crust is a Starbelly brunch favorite. This spicy pie is made even better by catching it at the communal table when the sun is shining. Don't forget a Michelada.

image via Foodspotting

Delarosapizza carbonara
Chef Ruggero Gadaldi offers a pie that oozes richness, with cream, pancetta, provolone, mozzarella, two perfect eggs, and cracked black pepper. It goes excellently alongside a boozy brunch cocktail, and the warm breeze sneaking through the ceiling-high open windows.

photo courtesy of Casey's

Casey'sbacon, tomato, egg, and dandelion greens
Casey Crynes, once slinging pizzas street side off his jerry-rigged Webber grill, traded in his rolling BBQ about a year ago for a new set of delicious wheels: SF's first pizza truck, complete with a 700 degree Marsal brick oven. Currently, Casey's brunch pie is topped with Zoe's bacon, three organic free-range eggs, cherry tomato, dandelion greens, red onion, aged mozzarella, fior di latte, and Grana Padano. Buzz words! You can get it Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9-11 am at Mission and Spear, and come August, he'll start serving them on the weekends. To keep tabs on his location, follow him on Twitter.

Where can we find your favorite brunch pizzas?

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