Six Scrumptious Breakfast Sandwiches in SF

Six Scrumptious Breakfast Sandwiches in SF


Occasionally, nothing beats the comfort you get from indulging in eggs nestled in soft bread, topped with melted cheese and salty meat. Other times, you might just need to soak up whatever you did the night before. No matter the case, here are six of our favorite breakfast sandwiches around San Francisco. Eat up. 

25 Lusk: 

25 Lusk makes a fried green tomato BLT with fried egg and Chef Matthew Dolan's pièce de résistance: burratta. Just let those flavors sink in for a second. He spreads an Acme Kaiser roll with togarashi remoulade for an asian kick and nice heat, and nestles in burratta, fried green tomatoes, thick applewood smoked bacon, and watercress before crowning it in a golden-yolked fried egg. The thing is huge in flavor… and just look at how pretty it is. 

Devil's Teeth:

At Devil's Teeth, they melt cheddar cheese on one of their housemade, flaky, golden buttermilk biscuits, and stuff the insides full of fluffy scrambled eggs and extra thick sliced bacon. Everything comes together, all hot and melty for one of the more simple, comforting sandwiches on the list. And at only $5, you can't beat the price. 


It's only natural that Rosamunde's would have one of the best breakfast sausages. Their country sausage, the only sausage on the menu in patty form, is sandwiched between bread grilled in sausage drippings, and topped with peppery arugula, a runny poached egg, and melted cheddar cheese. Roasted sweet pepper aioli brings it all together.  


Local Mission Eatery: 

Chef Jake Des Voignes may have just gotten a 3-star Bauer review at Local's Corner, but the Squash & Egg tartine he serves at Local: Mission Eatery is special too. He spreads Knead Patisserie brioche with squash condimiento, which is summer squash slowly cooked down. During its lengthy reduction, it develops deep squash flavor, which pairs nicely with a bright, buttery meyer lemon mousseline and a runny poached egg. 


Chef Deepak Kaul used to make a version of this sandwich on Sunday mornings for his roommates in college. These days, he griddles a Leadbetter’s ( english muffin with clarified butter and tops it in house made pork sausage, a fried egg, crispy potatoes, fresh dill aioli, melted gruyere, and a sriracha kick. Chef's college roommates must have done something really right to get this kind of treatment. Luckily, all you have to do to is pay $13.50 and it's yours with everything on it. 


Owner Dave Muller modeled his bread after the Tartine loaf, but it's taken on an identity all its own. Their sourdough is beautiful. And when they take a thick slice and grill it, it becomes like hot custard. Top it in anything and it's delicious- but right now, it's served with a fried egg, roasted chicories, caramelized onion, and goat cheese. 

Where do you find your perfect breakfast sandwich?

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