Ride through the mighty redwoods on Skunk Train's sweet new railbikes
(Courtesy of @skunktrain)

Ride through the mighty redwoods on Skunk Train's sweet new railbikes


Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take a step back in time to ride through ancient redwoods on the historic Skunk Train and railbikes.

(Courtesy of Skunk Train)

Since 1885, the Skunk Train has been entertaining and inspiring passengers along the renowned Redwood Route, and the views today are virtually unchanged from those of over a century ago. The redwoods along the tracks tower overhead as you make your way over trestle bridges, along gently wending tributaries, and deep into primeval canyons. These trees can grow to heights of more than 350 feet and can live to be 2,000 years old. Many original groves were left untouched when the line was first built, and today they offer some incredible opportunities to view these silent giants.

The one-of-a-kind railbike experience is a new addition to the Skunk Train line with custom-built, electric-assist two-person railbikes that take you quietly breezing along the tracks to see a different side of the Redwood Route. Railbikes on Pudding Creek is a seven-mile roundtrip experience, pedaling along historic tracks. Bathed in dappled sunlight and a light breeze, you’ll experience a new freedom on the rails unlike anything else.

Without the need to steer, you’re unbound, able to look around at the wonder of this untouched stretch of the natural world, spotting blue herons, osprey, an occasional lounging turtle, perhaps a playful river otter, a deer munching on the foliage and, during peak berry season, maybe even a bear. The new Railbikes on the Noyo excursion will take you 25 miles far off the beaten path along the meandering Noyo River and deep into old-growth redwood groves on a section of track now reserved exclusively for our railbikes.

Trains depart regularly from both Fort Bragg on the beautiful Mendocino Coast and from Willits in the rolling inland corridor—both just a few short and scenic hours north of San Francisco. Railbikes depart from Fort Bragg.

// For reservations and information, go to skunktrain.com.

(Courtesy of Skunk Train)

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