Soar Over Santa Cruz this Weekend


It's a bird, it's a, it's just that giant inflatable helium structure, the Eureka blimp, you've seen hovering over the Bay Area on many occasions.

And now she'll add another destination to her repertoire of areas traveled, which include San Francisco, Oakland, Monterey, Los Angeles and Wine Country. Beginning Saturday, Airship Ventures' famed Zeppelin NT will depart from Moffett Field with its final destination that hippie, seaside community, Santa Cruz.

If you don't have any plans this final weekend of summer (and aren't fortunate enough to be going to Outside Lands), book your 2.5-hour tour now for August 29. You’ll sail above Silicon Valley, the Los Gatos Hills, and over the Santa Cruz Mountains toward the coast and famed Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Eureka will cruise along the shoreline providing spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, the mountains and the fun in the sun below, before returning home again.

For reservations or more tour information, log onto the Airship Ventures website or call 650-969-8100.

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