Spider-Man Ready to Repeat High School, with Andrew Garfield in the Suit


By now, it doesn’t take a well-honed Spidey sense to recall that, almost exactly a year ago, Tobey Maguire (35), Kirsten Dunst (28) and director Sam Raimi (age unimportant) parted ways with Sony Pictures and Marvel over the studio's decision to send superhero alter ego Peter Parker back to high school, essentially changing horses midstream and rebooting a billion-dollar franchise still seemingly at the peak of its powers.

Now comes the first image of new Spider-Man Andrew Garfield, 27, who delivered three of last year’s strongest performances as a hard-luck investigative reporter in Red Riding: 1974; a doomed clone raised to donate vital organs to science in Never Let Me Go; and, perhaps most famously, as Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin in Oscar favorite The Social Network. And yes, those metallic thingamajigs attached to his forearms are indeed the famed crime fighter’s "web dispensers."

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