Square's New App Lets You Pre-Order Coffee So It's Ready When You Arrive


Waiting in line for food and drink has become one of San Francisco's most unfortunate pastimes these days. Head to your nearest artisan cafe on any given morning to see this trend in action. Now, Square aims to relieve the time you queue up for choice coffee with Order, a recently launched app that allows you to pre-order your daily brew and have it waiting for you when you get to your favorite cafe.

New built-in technology called "arrival prediction" lets the barista know when you're near—and accounts for brewing time, of course—so that your coffee is freshly poured and piping-hot the moment you walk through the door. You're also automatically charged as you leave the shop, so you don't have to have deal with exchanging money at the register. Can life get any easier? 

Since its launch, hundreds of coffee shops around the City have implemented the technology, including Blue Bottle Coffee. Woot! 

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