Staycation Time? Cavallo Point's In-Room Bartender Services


Staycations across the bridge–especially when the city is sporting a flat gray sky–are necessary to maintain your summer dreams of heat, sun, and walks on the beach. Enter Cavallo Point in Sausalito, who are playing up their beyond-gorgeous views of San Francisco's skyline by offering new in-room bartending services to really get the mood right.

Based on what you're getting up to in your room, you can customize the cocktail experience: order hand-shaken cocktails prepared by Cavallo Point’s in-room bartender, or get pre-made cocktails delivered to your room. If you fancy yourself a small-time mixologist, you can get cocktail ingredients brought right to your door.

Cocktail selections include the hotel's signature drinks like the Cavallo Mimosa, Smoked Bloody Mary, Cadillac Margarita, Classic Martini, Manhattan and Grand Cosmopolitan, or anything else you can think up.  Each in-room cocktail package comes with a 375ml bottle of liquor and the accompaniments needed to serve four to six guests. They'll just add $50 to $75 to your bill, plus tax, gratuity and delivery charge.

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