Style on a Budget from Grant K. Gibson


San Francisco-based designer Grant K. Gibson's home has been all over the place lately, featured in San Francisco Magazine, The New York Times, and too many blogs to count. Normally such saturation might bug us, but Gibson's amazing attitude (have you read his blog? He seems to be in a perpetual good mood) and excellent taste make it a pleasure instead. And unlike the vast majority of interior design spreads, Gibson's home offers inspiration for a wide range of budgets. Sure, there are items in his renovated apartment (a project he undertook in exchange for two months free of rent) from aspirational antiques website First Dibs, but there are just as many - if not more - items from Pottery Barn Teen (the striking canopy bed), Target (the shades), flea markets, and other affordable sources. The artful blend of high and low is what makes the home feel so, well, home-y, but it's a testament to Gibson's superb talent that the finished apartment looks more polished than interiors we've seen with sky-is-the-limit budgets (ahem).

If you're looking for a way to add a touch of Gibson's elegance to your own home for minimal coin, try this table trick we spotted on his blog: Grab a piece of plywood to fit the space, add some inexpensive legs, then splurge a bit on a tailored table skirt. You'll get a piece custom-fit for your needs for a pittance, and no one needs to know what lies underneath its chic wrap. See more details on the project (shown at above, finished) here.

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