Sui GENERIS, Revamped & Expanded


For girls with style-conscious guys in their lives, walking into Castro-based men's boutique Sui GENERIS hurt like hell. Faced with the glorious cuts, luscious fabrics, killer vintage concert tees and dapper shoes found in the impeccably-kept shop was enough to make any turned-out woman want to shed her dresses and start looking like Annie Hall. 

Luckily for us ladies, the uber-connected men behind Sui GENERIS, Miguel Lopez (a former consultant for Ralph Lauren and Max Mara) and Gabriel Yanez, have heeded our call by not only revamping and doubling their men's shop, but going all out and opening a new women's store right next door.

Expect the owners' keen eye for consignment, vintage (Alexander McQueen and 90s Versace, anyone?), and new pieces from up-and-coming designers like Julia y Renata Franco, Sergio Davila and Andrew Wedge. And because girls wouldn't be caught dead without accessories, they're throwing their weight behind a breathtaking collection of handbags, scarves, belts, wallets and more. If you have a closet full of luxury designer pieces you don't want, share the wealth!

Their men's store grand opening party happens tomorrow, Feb. 12th, and the soft opening for their long-anticipated women's shop takes place on Saturday, Feb. 19th. Get ready for a shopping spree.

Sui GENERIS Men's, 2231 Market Street. Sui GENERIS Women's, 2265 Market Street.

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