Summer Lovin’, Pt. 2: Amanda Michael and Michael Harrington




Local couples had a blast this summer (and spring) celebrating their love and commitment with family and friends. From heart-warming tales of romantic triumph to the drama of logistical snafus and allergic reactions, we’re here to tell you more.

San Francisco native Amanda Michael wed East Coast-transplant Michael Harrington on May 9 amid the first blossoms of spring (accented by lanterns the couple purchased on a previous trip to Vietnam) in the garden of their recently renovated San Francisco home.

The mostly-Buddhist ceremony was officiated by Roslyn Whitney; Amanda’s children, Gus and Jane, served as the wedding attendants.

The bride is former pastry chef who loves to cook for family and friends. With the assistance of her daughter, Amanda baked and designed and her own wedding cake. Aside from her culinary acumen, the bride is also super stylish and chose a knock-out Lanvin cocktail dress as her bridal gown.

In addition to serving as a Board Member for Children of Shelters, Amanda also volunteers at her children’s schools and the SF Museum of Modern Art.

She is the daughter of Beatrice Bowles of San Francisco, and Peter Michael and his wife, Eileen Michael, also of San Francisco. As Amanda and Michael’s actual wedding was a small, family affair, another celebration was hosted on May 22 by Eileen and Peter Michael in their home for this most happy couple.

Amanda Michael and Michael Harrington wed on May 9 in San Francisco/ Courtesy of Amanda Michael

The bridegroom is a realtor who runs his own SF-based brokerage firm. Michael originally hails from Massachusetts and was joined at the ceremony by his mother, Carolyn Harrington (of Springfield, MA); and his sister, Sarah Harrington, and her partner, Kate Morrissey, who live in Burlington, Vermont.

Amanda and Michael met through mutual friends and bonded over their shared interest in sporting activities which includes surviving through several Ironman Triathlons together. Last July on the beach in Santa Barbara, this sporting pair became engaged.

This July, Amanda and Michael continued their love of a sporting challenge by participating in the shore-to-shore, 11-mile Trans-Tahoe relay swim.

Their “official” honeymoon was in romantic Big Sur. But Amanda says it feels as if she and Michael “are still honeymooning.”

However their first night together following their wedding was (almost) anything but romantic. It started out well enough, as the new couple shared a relaxed, pleasant evening in their home with a few friends and Amanda’s children. That is, until Amanda suddenly developed an allergic reaction to something.

She began to have trouble breathing and sensed she was about to pass out. Her request that night of her new husband? “ Call 911.”

Though the new bride spent most of her wedding night in the hospital, mercifully, she recovered quickly.

“Amanda was really testing our commitment on our wedding night,” teased the relieved bridegroom later, as he told of their dramatic tale.

“Well,” responded his lovely bride, with a sweet laugh, “I wanted to make sure he was up to the task!”

Check out more photos below

Amanda's children, Gus and Jane, served as the couple's wedding attendants/ Courtesy of Amanda Michael

Eileen and Peter Michael, with their daughter (middle), Hannah Michael, hosted a celebration honor of Amanda and Michael Harrington/ By Catherine Bigelow

Mother-of-the-Bride Beatrice Bowles with her partner, Terence Clarke/ By Catherine Bigelow

The newlyweds at a post-wedding celebration hosted by Eileen and Peter Michael/ By Catherine Bigelow


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