Celebrate the Summer of Love at the Marin Music Festival + More Local Events

Celebrate the Summer of Love at the Marin Music Festival + More Local Events


Channel your inner hippie! This year marks the 50th anniversary of the famous Summer of Love, a spirited social phenomenon in 1967 that had thousands of supporters congregating in San Francisco and neighboring Marin to promote free love, the arts, and revolution.

Here are four fun and fashionable ways to show off your '60s style this summer.

Take in a 60's Themed Concert

Sound Summit, A Benefit for the Mountain

Celebrate the anniversaries of both the Magic Mountain Festival and the Summer of Love on Mt. Tam, at an eclectic day of music starring Phil Lesh and more. // Sept. 9, Mountain Theater, Mount Tamalpais State Park, visitmarin.org


This San Rafael show is an annual fan favorite. This year, look for former Youngbloods star Jessie Colin Young to perform on September 24th. // Fairgrounds Island Marin Center (San Rafael); get tickets at whistlestop.org.

Marin Music Festival

Marin County provides a gorgeous natural backdrop for this free day of local music that showcases the area's musical flair. // 10am to 6pm, Oct. 14; 2675 East Francisco Blvd. (San Rafael), sresproductions.com

Attend an Outta Sight Opening

Visit a museum or two! Several of Marin's museums are featuring Summer of Love–themed exhibits that touch on the county's history. Now through December 31st, see A Pivotal Decade: The 1970s in Bolinas, atthe Bolinas Museum's History Room.

Visit a State Park With Cool History

In 1966, the Burdell Mansion at Olompali Historic State Park was briefly home to the Grateful Dead. A picture of the band relaxing on the Olompali hillside is on the back cover of its "American Beauty" album. In 1967, it doubled as a commune for a collective known as The Chosen Family, who stayed for two years and peaked at 100 inhabitants. In 1982, it became a state historic park. // 8901 Redwood Hwy. (Novato), www.parks.ca.gov

Dress the Part

Regardless of what Summer of Love events you attend this season, you have to go all out and dress the part. Hippie fashion has evolved over the years, but there are undoubtedly a few staples left in your closet—think billowy tops, maxi skirts, tunics, fringe, lots of tie-dye, and bellbottoms. Play around with flowers or psychedelic-inspired designs.

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