Sweat SF: The Ultimate Fitness Fusion in Hayes Valley

Sweat SF: The Ultimate Fitness Fusion in Hayes Valley


Elevate Group Fitness incorporates elements of yoga, resistance training, barre and pilates with their signature “ele_Fusion Method.” With a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, you’ll get a full body burn in the 55-minute sweat sesh.

Tucked between trendy restaurants and shops in Hayes Valley, you may mistake Elevate Group Fitness for a spa with its friendly aesthetic and clean design. But Jada Davis and her team aren’t giving out massages, instead, they're giving you a good excuse to get one. 

“Our classes are designed to tone and sculpt all the major muscle groups with a strong focus on core training,” CEO and co-founder Jada Davis explains, “it’s an ideal workout for [anyone] who is looking to compliment their current fitness routine and who wants a complete total-body workout.”

Elevate Group Fitness features three styles of classes: Sculpt targets the full body experience; Barre focuses on lower body and abs; and Strong digs into upper body and core. All the classes are aimed at improving core strength, posture, endurance and flexibility. As newbies to the studio, we decided to go all in and take Tuesday night’s Sculpt class.

Our instructor Carson kicked off class by explaining the equipment, which included varying levels of resistance bands and a bar on the YogaWall. We started class with a sequence of yoga stretches and hip openers. Once loose, focus shifted immediately to the core with a series of planks and tabletop extensions. Carson hit us next with a cardio sequence rotating between jumping jacks, burpees, ice-skaters and squats. She encouraged us to modify if needed—which I took full advantage of when it came to jump-squats. We transitioned into targeting arm muscles using the resistance bands. Despite mainly attacking our biceps, the moves still worked the core, or at least my abs felt that way. 

By incorporating a variety of exercise styles and equipment into each area of the body, the class moved quickly and you never had too much time to get bored or overthink a movement. I was almost shocked as we made our way back to some yoga moves that the 55 minutes had passed so quickly. No matter which style of class you take, it’s justified if your walk home takes you to the nearby Biergarten.

//Elevate Group Fitness is located in Hayes Valley at 182 Gough Street and in Balboa Park at 1720 Ocean Avenue. They offer a new client special of $10 for the first class. Discount packages and monthly memberships are also available at elevategroupfitness.com



  • Wear comfortable clothing suitable for floor work and inversions. 
  • Classes are taught barefoot on yoga mats (provided). 
  • Water filling station on site and towels available to rent. 
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