Sweat SF: Vint Brings Personal Trainers to Your Fingertips

Sweat SF: Vint Brings Personal Trainers to Your Fingertips


Need a personal trainer? There's an app for that.

A few years ago in Stockholm, Louise Fritjofsson took it upon herself to get her friends and family in shape. They had tried fitness trackers, gym memberships and classes to no avail. They needed an extra boost. So, she rounded them up at the gym and devised a workout routine. Guess what? It worked. “My one-hour a week with them had a massive impact," she recalls. 

Fast forward to the summer of 2013 when Fritjofsson would become the founder and CEO of Vint, an application aimed at "democratizing personal training...to build a stronger and healthier world" at a price point that won't break the bank ("the same price of a daily latte,” the founder laughs).

Last summer, Vint launched in America, making its debut in San Francisco. Our city was a natural choice, Fritjofsson says, for our bevy of early tech adopters, fitness freaks, and ideal weather for al fresco sweat sessions.

Now, Vint is connecting San Franciscans with intimate group training sessions (four people max), each tailored to the user's personal needs. To set your perfect routine, hit up Vint's free fitness concierge who can help you navigate 15 styles of exercise. Whether you're looking to get in shape through running, yoga, kettlebell workouts, HIIT, Battlerope Bootcamp, TRX or something else, these workouts are designed to help you "stick to a healthy routine that you truly enjoy,” according to Fritjofsson.

One Vint regular we spoke to, Anne of Pac Heights, swears by it. “I've had a fantastic experience trying a variety of classes, many which I had never done before or haven't done in years. It's been really easy to find sessions that are convenient to where I am or find instructors willing to come to me," she says.

And since a training session is only as good as the personal trainer, Fritjofsson and her team are careful to select "super stars"—"They have to be the best at their sport or workout; they need to have amazing teaching skills and safety awareness, but most importantly, they have to have passion for the art of working out, for helping others, and enough of it to share with anyone that wants in.”

Learn more about Vint’s unlimited workouts for $95 a month available in the App Store and Google Play. 

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