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SwingBomb turns SF into a playground + more topics to discuss over brunch


A few juicy stories you may have missed this week.

Mysterious Swings Pop up All Over San Francisco, Curbed SF

There's a rogue group in San Francisco called Swing Bomb SF that wants to turn the whole city into a playground. They have plans to hang 50 swings at random locations this weekend. Read more.

Thousands of Elephant Seals Crowd Point Reyes, Shut Down Popular Beach, SF Gate

So many seals flooded Drakes Beach that National Park officials have closed most of the area. With the rugged scenic coastline and rolling waves, we don't blame them for choosing it as romantic destination to get their baby-making on. Read more.

Survey of Downtown San Francisco Reveals Trash on Every Block, 303 Piles of Feces and 100 Drug Needles, NBC

SF is dirty, like really dirty. An investigation surveyed 153 blocks in some of our most popular tourist spots and found quantities of needles, trash, and feces to rival some of the world's worst slums. Read more.

World's Most Powerful X-ray Laser Taking Shape Near Stanford, Mercury News

Quietly taking form 30 feet underground is a giant, $1 billion X-ray laser that can examine matter at an atomic level. This is the stuff of superhero movies. Read more.

San Francisco's homeless are getting six-figure jobs in a gritty neighborhood that's been overrun by tech companies, Business Insider

Our streets are being compared to some of the poorest slums, and homelessness is at a fever pitch. In 2015, a fed-up homeless man created Code Tenderloin to provide job training and coding skills to other homeless or formerly incarcerated people. Since then, some graduates have landed jobs with six-figure salaries. Read more.


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