#TBT: Quaint SF Business Ads for Buggies, Gramophones + More, 1852-1912


Buggies, steering wheels, and Gramophones...we've come a long way with our innovations.

San Francisco is all about showing off our gadgets. This week, we peruse some of the necessities of yesteryear as presented in some wonderful old-school ads. From carriage-makers to Asian "fancy goods" to beer, here are some of the best plugs, reminiscent of simpler times.

1852: Mrs. J. Wheelock, Paris and New York Fashions

via A.W. Morgan & Co.'s city directory, September 1852

Now with the ability to see Fashion Week from all around the world on an immediate basis, it's quaint to remember that, back in 1852, the latest fashions from New York and Paris arrived to SF via clipper ship and steamer. Seen here is an ad for the trends of the time at Mrs. J. Wheelock's store, located approximately where Fitness SF Embarcadero is today.

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