#TBT: Terror Ensues on the Silver Screen in 10 SF Horror Films


It's no surprise that weird, and sometimes eerie things happen in the city.

Scenic San Francisco has long been the backdrop to many a cheery movie. But, as the dark fog rolls in, and the shadows cross over senescent architecture, the city also becomes part of a more sinister plot. Explore, if you dare, 10 of scary movies films that take advantage of old SF to induce fright.

Greed (1924)

via Hollywood Heritage

Based on the novel McTeague by Frank Norris, Greed chronicles the life of San Francisco dentist Dr. John McTeague. The doctor and his wife lose everything when she wins the lottery, making this story a great look into how wealth cause destruction. The life they knew slowly comes apart from her growing paranoia and the stratagem of a felonious friend. The main set for the movie was a Victorian at 601 Laguna Street, where, on the second floor, they created McTeague's Dental Parlor. At the time, in the 1920s, shooting on location was a luxury, and the original version ran nearly 10 hours.

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