The 50 Best Foods In The World: Where We Stand


Even though we know full well that lists—to-do lists, top-10 lists, lists of the best things to eat—are just a clever marketing ploy used by magazines to, well, sell magazines, we're just like everyone else: we fall for them every. single. time. Do I think the UK-based Guardian knows more than I do about what is good, culinarily speaking, in San Francisco? Judging by the speed with which I clicked on their "50 Best Foods In the World" list, the answer is yes.

Or maybe it's just that I like to see how we measure up. Not so badly, it turns out. On a list of 50 things in the world to eat, local foodstuffs and restaurants rank in at numbers 17 and 27. Number 27 is given over to (yawn) the best place to eat California cuisine. Unsurprisingly (and, I'd say, deservedly), Chez Panisse gets the nod. But the foodstuff—well, this was an exciting pick. Number 17 in their list of the 50 Best Things To Eat (In The Whole Wide World) is....drumroll...the tomato juice from Happy Girl Kitchen! No joke.

The Guardian is correct in its assessment that this is some seriously fine tomato juice. It may even be the best tomato juice in California. Heck, it may be the best in the world. But, dear reader, do we think that tomato juice deserves to be included on a top 50 list of such consequence? I suggest you ponder it over a Bloody Mary.

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