The Best Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Crossfit, Bootcamps + More

The Best Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Crossfit, Bootcamps + More


You've heard the saying "beauty is pain," right? Now make it true with these fat-busting workouts.

Mind and Body Workout @ Lifted

A 90-minute workout at the recently opened Lifted, will leave both your mind and body sore for days. Lifted's intimate classes combine guided meditation with challenging strength training exercises for six-pack abs and a chiseled mind. —Erica McGuire // Mind and Body Workout ($75) at Lifted, 600 14th St. (Castro),

Non-Impact Workout @ RowClub

Find a “cox" and jump on your “erg!" Engage your quads, back and core in RowClub's non-impact 30-minute workouts led by co-founder Johan Quie and his Team USA instructors. Tucked away on Belden Street, the high-intensity interval training classes will leave you convinced you missed rowing stardom in the Ivy League. —E.M. // Non-impact 30-minute workout (first class is free) at RowClub, 47 Belden St. (FiDi),

Pilates Apparatus Classes @ Maiden Lane Studios

Our years-long quest for the perfect pilates studio had left us feeling like our girl Goldilocks—too big, too hot, too far away. Situated in Union Square, Maiden Lane Studios is just right—a small, sunny, and modern space where we can breathe through our hundreds in peace. Plus, reformer and mixed apparatus pilates classes are limited to just three people, so we can get all the special attention we need. —Chloé Hennen // Pilates apparatus classes ($45 for new client 3-pack) at Maiden Lane Studios, 80 Maiden Ln. (Union Square),

Program Design @ DIAKADI

DIAKADI, which stands for Do It All Kick Ass Doing It, takes personal training to a new level. Owners Billy Polson and Mike Clausen empower local trainers with an 11,500-square-foot training center where even the initial stretch assessment could be the most important hour you ever spend in a gym. —E.M. // Program Design (free) at Diakadi, 290 Division St. #200 (SoMa),

Barre Fight Class @ Salt Fitness

Salt Fitness lives up to its name with a heart-pumping, calorie-burning, full-body workout that will leave you, well, salty. The signature Barre Fight class delivers a 55-minute hybrid of isometric strength movements and high-intensity interval kickboxing drills. Think Bar Method meets Tae Bo. —E.M. // Barre Fight class ($100 new client package) at Salt Fitness, 327 Divisadero St. (Western Addition);

Battle Fit @ Kokoda Fitness

Get fit enough for battle with Kokoda's bootcamps at Crissy Field and Mission Rock. Drawing upon 11 years of military service, owner Nathan Amy designs programs to not only improve your physical fitness, but also make you adaptable for everything life can throw at you, including slam balls, burpees, rope pulls and dead lifts. —E.M. // Battle Fit ($25 drop-in) at Kokoda Fitness, Crissy Field & Mission Rock (Marina / Dogpatch),

Workout Session @ House of Air

House of Air isn't just for kids birthday parties and corporate retreats. Get jumping jacked on your own trampoline bed with Air Conditioning classes featuring cardio circuits and core mat exercises. If jumping for 10 minutes is really equivalent to running for 30 minutes, you'll find us on the trampoline. —E.M. // Workout session ($18 per class) at House of Air, 926 Mason St. (Marina),

Morning Bootcamp @ HitFit SF

From the founders of Polk Street Boxing Gym, HitFit SF offers high intensity circuit training, boxing and morning boot camp classes for all levels. Perfect your jab, cross and hook in either their Nob Hill or Mission facility. Just don't put your guard down. —E.M. // Morning Bootcamp ($500) at Hit Fit SF, 1150 Sutter St. (Nob Hill),

MatBox @ Pilates ProWorks

A challenging, motivating, and ass-kicking mix of pilates and boxing, MatBox is the latest class from Pilates ProWorks. Benefits include improved core stability and strength, increased alignment and balance, enhanced cardiovascular health, increased bone density, improved total-body strength and decreased stress. What more could you want? —E.M. // Matbox ($20 new client) at Pilates ProWorks, 563 Commercial St. (FiDi),

Level 1 @ Aerial Artique

You will never look at two-way stretch polyester lycra the same again. Aerial Artique invovles using silks to move through tricks and climbs in order develop strength and flexibility. Classes focus on conditioning upper body and core strength with an emphasis on preventative stretching techniques for proper shoulder care. —E.M. // Level 1 ($24-27) at Aerial Artique, 132 9th St. #302 (SoMa),

Day Pass @ Mission Cliffs

Climb to new heights at Mission Cliffs with a workout that is equally physically and mentally challenging. Learn rock climbing calls and safety procedures while putting your legs to the test. Mission Cliffs offers private lessons, intro to climbing, and a variety of advanced technique classes. — E.M. // Day Pass ($20) at Mission Cliffs, 2295 Harrison St. (Mission),

Hip Hop Club @ Uforia Studios

Finally learn to dance at Uforia Studios daily Hip Hop Club or perfect your Queen Bee moves with Beyonce and Rhianna Choreo Workshops. The only rule is you must have fun, so smile, dance and sweat the night away. —E.M. // Hip Hop Club ($59 new members) at Uforia Studios, 1561 California St. (Nob Hill),

Classes @ Mighty Pilates

Mighty Pilates is a unique blend of reformer pilates and power pilates that combines stretching, cardio, and core strengthening. Break a sweat, get toned, have fun and walk away feeling mighty. — Sarah Hawthorne // Classes ($59 for 3) at Mighty Pilates, 3654A Sacramento St. (FiDi),

Best Workout in the World @ Barry's Bootcamp

See what the Best Workout in the World is all about and burn up to 1000 calories per class at the newly opened Barry's Bootcamp in the Marina. The high intensity workouts are designed to shock your body, pairing 25-30 minutes of interval cardiovascular treadmill routines with 25-30 minutes of strength training. —E.M. // Best Workout in the World ($27) at Barry's Bootcamp, 2246 Lombard St. (Marina),

BootyFit @ CrossFit Golden Gate

Time to tackle a WOD, starting with squats at 45-55% and finishing with a 9-minute AMRAP circuit. Learn the lingo and get a killer workout at CrossFit Golden Gate. Workouts focus around simple, proven movements that engage the entire body. —E.M. // BootyFit ($20 drop-in) at CrossFit Golden Gate, 1940 Van Ness Ave. (Nob Hill),

Dance Classes @ The Company

Chassé and fist pump your way to sveltedom with The Company. Start your morning with heart-pumping cardio dancing for all levels at the new Presidio studio. Classes feature three routines of non-stop dancing paired with contemporary music that will kick your high kick into shape. —E.M. // Dance Classes ($20) at The Company, 386 Moraga Ave. (Presidio),

60-Minute Sessions @ Orangetheory Fitness

Coming soon to the Financial District, Orangetheory Fitness uses heart rate monitors to display and track individual performance. The 60-minute sessions are split into cardio and strength training intervals with the ultimate goal of reaching 12-20 minutes in the “Orange Zone" (84% or higher of your maximum heart rate). —E.M. // 60-minute session ($16 drop-in) at Orangetheory Fitness, 2610 Fifth St. (Alameda),

Yoga Session @ Yoga To The People

With a suggested donation of $10 per class, Yoga to the People makes sure that yoga remains affordable and accessible to everyone. The power vinyasa flow classes are inspired by Bryan Kest, a profound teacher who has found the balance between effort, awareness and breath. It's a large studio that fills up quickly, so get there a little early to secure a spot. — S.H. // Yoga session ($10 suggested donation) at Yoga To The People, 2973 16th St. 5th floor (Mission),

Pop Physique Socks in Black @ Pop Phyisque

These chic socks ensure no slip mishaps while you attempt to do yoga at home. They come in various colors, meant to match every athletic outfit you own. Go ahead and buy the rainbow. —Anthony Rogers // Socks in Black ($12) at Pop Physique,

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