The Eater Wrap: The Joe Wars, Behind the SPQR Scenes, More Alice Dreams


Today would be Friday the 13th, meaning it's time for the end-of-the-week wrap from Eater SF. Click through for all kinds of fun and rewarding reading about a variety of topics like Original Joe's legal fight, the demise of Acme, Alice Waters' new dreams and a little place called SPQR.

1) One month (or so) into the new SPQR, chef Matthew Accarrino reflects on his first few weeks, the San Francisco dining scene, his predecessor, Mr. Michael Bauer's visit and so much more.

2) A sampling of this week's Top Chef Vegas recap: "Kevin explores the Mirage while explaining that he's all about simplicity. The irony of Kevin talking about simplicity while steam comes out of a fake mountain and water explodes and other weird Vegas bullshit is delicious."

3) Acme Chophouse will be reconcepting by the time next year's baseball season rolls around, but the big question is: what should it become?

4) This week saw the debut of Uptown Joe's in the old Cafe Majestic space. But as it turns out, they pretty much jacked the exact menu from Original Joe's. And Original Joe's is not very happy about it. The Joe Wars of 2009, everyone.

5) As Nombe nears in the Mission (slated for next week), fellow izakaya Sozai said farewell in the Inner Sunset.

6) Alice Waters has the solution to fixing California's beleagured school system: more flowers!

7) In the Fall Tracking category, Bin38 spinoff The Republic is quickly nearing in the Marina. It's got some fresh new signage, a new opening date and everything.

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