The "Game of Thrones" Cast Chooses Favorite Big Eat Items, SF's Cutest Dogs


7x7 chatted it up with your favorite Game of Thrones characters at the Season Three Premier that took place at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. We got the inside scoop on what the cast thinks of San Francisco, who they're voting for in the 2013 Dog Poll and, the future of Game of Thrones!  Check out what Arya, Sansa and their fellow Seven Kingdom compatriots had to say on the red carpet and take a peek into the after party!


Maisie Williams | Arya Stark
Arya has been forced to grow up so quickly. What similarities do you share with her?
I think we’re both sort of tomboys. I like to tree climb, I like sporty things, getting muddy. I think the whole growing up thing, I can relate to her that way too.

Big Eat - Tuna Melt from Machine Coffee and Deli or Pot Pie from Comstock Saloon?
Pot pie because it rhymes with hot pie!

From our Top 21 “Cutest Dog” finalists, who are you rooting for?
The cutest? Oh my god that one! Yeah, definitely Newton. [Laughs] I mean look at him! He’s so cute! He looks like a little teddy bear! There’s lots of cute ones, but definitely Newton.

John Bradley | Samwell Tarly
Are there ever times when you have trouble getting into character?
I think that against the popular perception of things, if you’re doing drama that’s quite heavy and quite serious, you do find that comedy has to play a part in between takes otherwise you drive yourself mad.

Big Eat - Prime Rib from House of Prime Rib or  Goat Taco from El Norteno taco truck?
A goat taco? Actual goat? I’m probably the least adventurous person you’ll ever meet in your life so definitely prime rib.

Big To Do - Build a bonfire on Ocean Beach or belt out some karaoke at Doremi Music Studio?
Anything but karaoke. You could have said any other option and I would have picked not karaoke. I’m not necessarily pro bonfire, just very anti karaoke.

From our Top 21 “Cutest Dog” finalists, who are you rooting for?
Oh this is so unfair. Is Yogi a real dog? I quite like a big fat dog. None of these are particularly fat.

Rose Leslie | Ygritte

Who are you closest with on the cast?
My filming is so segregated from the rest of the cast. I spend a lot of time on set with Kit, who plays Jon Snow, and we get along quite well. We have similar senses of humor and so I think it would be him.

Big Eat - Deviled Eggs from Park Tavern or Cracked Dungeness Crab from Swan Oyster Depot?

Big To Do - Fly a kite at Crissy Fields or play with the puppies and kitties up for adoption at Pets Unlimited?
Oh puppies and kitties! Definitely puppies and kitties. Yes. I’m such a sucker for animals.

From our Top 21 “Cutest Dog” finalists, who are you rooting for?
Oh my god! That is the toughest question ever. Oh my god they're so adorable. I’m going to have to…I think Yogi. And Augi I love.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau | Jaime Lannister

Big Eat - Angry Korean Wings from Wing Wings or Fried Plantain and Black Bean Burrito from the Little Chihuahua?
I’ll go with the plantain burrito.

From our Top 21 “Cutest Dog” finalists, who are you rooting for?
Well, they all look so sweet. That one looks just like our dog, so I’ll go with Yogi.

Sophie Turner | Sansa Stark
Who would you like to see on the throne at the end?
I’m rooting for Sansa of course! We all have to root for our own character.

How does San Francisco compare to other places you’ve traveled?
I think San Francisco is quite rainy, but I love it. 

Big Eat - Sardine Chips from Rich Table or Sugar Egg Puffs from Shanghai Dumpling King?
Probably sugar egg puffs because I’m not a fishy person.

From our Top 21 “Cutest Dog” finalists, who are you rooting for?
I like Mr. Waffles because he looks so much like my dog in the face.

Post-Premier Interview | Author George R.R. Martin & Creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff
How is the sixth book coming?
George: It’s going to be another giant 1,500 page book. But, I’m making progress and I’ve given up predicting when these things are going to be done because every time I do I end up being wrong and then everybody gets upset.

Did you realize the enormity of this project right away?
D.B.: I think we were too inexperienced to know. I think we were too stupid, frankly, to realize this was going to be so difficult.

David: George does not give us an easy task. But everyone’s in love with it. There was a scene we shot this year and I’m looking around and people have tears in their eyes. That’s because people have fallen in love with the characters that George created. 

This season looks to be very dark or at least much darker than past seasons, although those were very dark, too. 
George: I do think it’s interesting to consider this issue of what constitutes darkness in entertainment. People die in shows that are not considered particularly dark. So much of entertainment handles that so casually. If I’m writing a death in the book or we’re putting death on T.V., I want people to experience the horror of it. 

Do you think we’ll be able to see all seven books in televised form?
David: God I hope so. That’s been the intention from the very beginning. I think that if we have the opportunity to get that far it would be something we’d be proud of for our whole lives. You don’t get many chances to do something that special.


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