The Six Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies in San Francisco

The Six Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies in San Francisco


In the need of a little pick me up? Blood sugar got you down? We've scoured the city to find the chewiest, doughiest chocolate chip cookies out there to satisfy any sweet tooth.


Baker & Banker

Lori Baker loves warm, developed flavors in her baked goods at Baker & Banker. She has an enormous cinnamon roll with brown butter cream cheese frosting that can't be waxed poetic enough about. She even found a way to use brown butter in her chocolate chip cookies, which adds a deep toffee flavor. Different-sized chunks of chocolate can be found throughout, some small, and some so large you get a mouthful of rich chocolate. It's finished in a dainty sprinkle of vanilla salt. 


Photo by Eva Frye


Watch out for the chocolate chip cookies at Spruce: They're massive at 200 grams each. Pastry chef Robert Vallejos creams sugar and butter until it's snow white, which makes for a fluffy and soft cookie. Because of its large size, a lower oven for longer cook time produces browning on the outside which breaks away to a doughy center.



Photo by Eva Frye

Craftsman & Wolves

Craftsman & Wolves has a great version, made with 80% Valhrona chocolate chips evenly distributed throughout. A sprinkling of vanilla salt helps bring out the cookie's sweet and rich components. It's baked just through, leaving a semi-doughy middle. 




Anyone who works near the ballpark should know about D'urso Italian Deli's cookies. They're small and flashed quickly in a hot oven, which browns the exterior and leaves as much raw dough as can be considered appropriate in a baked treat. It is gooey, it is delicious, and it is a small and perfect afternoon sweet. 



Photo by Eva Frye


The cookie at Fraiche on Fillmore is one to keep going back for–if not for deliciousness, then to try to figure out what's in it. The medium-sized treat uses sourced dough with an über secret recipe, baked in house. Something in the cookie gives it a savory je ne sais quois. All I can say is, get one and try to figure out what it is. It's puzzling and tasty. Chocolate chips have a way of staying melted no matter when you buy one, like little rivers of chocolate streaming through doughy batter. 



Hot Cookie

Spice things up with a confection from Hot Cookie in the Castro. Besides selling fun anatomy-shaped cookie-pops, they also have a damn delicious toffee milk-chocolate chip cookie that is a must-try. All their cookies are baked to a soft consistency, but the toffee in this cookie crisps up on the outer edges for a consistency that plays crunchy and doughy on your tongue. 


Where else can you find a doughy chocolate chip cookie around here? 

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