The Winchester Mystery House Will Open Its Doors for Dinner + Sleepovers


If spending the night in a haunted house is your idea of a good time, well then we lead different lives. But you'll be psyched to learn that the Bay Area’s own Winchester Mystery House—a tourist attraction famed for its winding steps, doors to nowhere, and supernatural activity—is on its way to playing dinner and hotel host to ghost enthusiasts. 

A permit to convert buildings on the grounds into overnight quarters and the cafe into a full-on alcohol-serving restaurant was approved in March, meaning soon the beloved tourist site will play host to spooky weddings, mysterious soirees, and eerie business functions. 

The 160-room mansion was built (and is currently haunted by) Sarah Winchester, widow to William Wirt Winchester who invented—you guessed it—the Winchester firearm. Legend says that after her husband’s death she built haphazard rooms, doors, and stairways in order to confuse the spirits of those who died at the hands of her family’s guns. 

Combining unsettled spirits with alcohol and overnight visits is sure to thrill otherworldly enthusiasts, and will surely make for some epic bachelor/ette parties. Stay tuned for more information so you can be first in line to shack up with Casper.

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