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Exclusive Sneak Peek: NYC's The Wing is building a women-only coworking nest in SF


Ladies, your throne away from home awaits.

Finally, San Francisco queens, dames, broads, and bosses will be able to experience The Wing, the ladies-only club that's drawing a membership of power women already to its four locations across New York and Washington, D.C.

Yep, 8,000 glorious square feet of women-only work, community, and social space is coming soon to the FiDi. Although The Wing crew wouldn't spill precisely where or when yet, we'll keep you posted. We can't be too mad at NYC-based cofounders Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan, however, since they did provide us with the exclusive first look at renderings of the place.

Our reaction? Holy color-coordinated bookshelves, Batman.

The fact that the space is stunning comes as no surprise—have you seen The Wing's Insta starring posts of its three NYC and D.C. spots? Just like its older siblings, the SF building is designed by women and offers everything a female creative, geek, entrepreneur, or Angel could ever want (and need)—including a library and art gallery filled with gals-only works, meeting rooms, showers, a lactation room, beauty room (complimentary blowout or fancy perfume spritz anyone?), mini retail shop, and more.

All renderings courtesy of AR4RE.

All this plus environs as scrumptious as a Nancy Meyers' movie set and pages from Architectural Digest combined. Simply put, the space is warm and approachable, sophisticated but not too serious and sprinkled with fun pops of color, natural light, and greenery make their presence known throughout. Once the doors open and members file in, the air will pulse with a fierce and fabulously feminine power—the key ingredient to The Wing's allure, and success.

There's no denying the latter: Thousands of would-be-members are currently on waiting lists, several other new locations are in the works (L.A., Toronto, Seattle, and London among them), and more than $32 million in Series B Funding from WeWork is prime for spending.

With this in mind, we're convinced that pulling up a midcentury chair (swoon) to a slice of blonde wood (communal) desk will prove inspirational and fruitful to Bay Area badasses—whether designing an app, plotting a novel, or planning the next women's march is the goal.

So how does the home team feel about taking SF under its wing? "We are thrilled to finally get to meet all the incredible women who asked us to bring The Wing to San Francisco," says CEO Gelman. "We can't wait to see the new businesses, inventions, and friendships that emerge from this new space."

Boys, you'll just have to find your own club.

// Stay tuned for more info about membership, opening date, etc., the-wing.com

**UPDATE: The WIng plans to open in SF in October 2018.

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