This 1906 Earthquake Shack Is Selling for $1.38M
(Photos courtesy of Bay Property Group)

This 1906 Earthquake Shack Is Selling for $1.38M


It's no surprise that San Francisco rent can get ridiculous, but did you ever think it would get this bad? This 1906 Cole Valley SHACK is on the market for a million dollars. And this isn't a modern "tiny home," this is a turn-of-the-century shack.

Earthquake shacks were built 100 years ago after the 1906 earthquake and subsequent fire left about 250,000 San Francisco residents without homes. Displaced San Franciscans were set up in tents in the Presidio, but as winter neared, it became evident that proper homes would be needed, and 5,200 wood cottages were quickly erected. Tenants that occupied the $50 shacks were only charged $2 a month with one twist: Once the tiny house was paid off, it had to be moved from the Presidio.

(Photos courtesy of Bay Property Group)

In 1973, the most recent owner (a Swiss baker) bought the Cole Valley earthquake shack for $37,000. Throughout the years, the owner made a couple additions to the house including a wine cellar and an open room that could be used to entertain guests, as well as a washer and dryer area. Aside from the additions, the home has a sitting room, kitchen, dining room, a bedroom, and a unique claw-foot tub. Views of Cole Valley and the Golden Gate Bridge area are an added bonus.

The home is surrounded by trees and plants on a lot that's big enough to build another home or structure should you want, and the walkway is made up of cobblestones collected from San Francisco's old streets.

At least it has a lot of charm.

(Photos courtesy of Bay Property Group)

(Photos courtesy of Bay Property Group)

Here are the specs:

Location: 1537 Cole St.

Bedrooms: 1

Bathroom: 1

Square Footage: 640 sq. ft.

Asking Price: $1,380,000

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