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Oakland's The Tambo Rays dropped their new single "Rest Your Mind In the Sky," the first of a series of fresh sounds from the band. Trust us, you'll want it on repeat at your next backyard BBQ, when that magic hour sunlight's casting its golden spells. [via The Bay Bridged]

The producers of Wintersalt are trying to bring back their summer party (aptly called Summersalt, can't imagine why) as the first-ever crowd-funded music festival. It's a ballsy move considering there's no announced lineup yet, but if you're game to throw down, click here. [via SF Weekly]

Chainsaw pop trio Terry Malts announced the follow-up to their rad 2012 debut Killing Time, to be released via Emeryville label Slumberland Records on September 10. To get a taste of what's to come, check out "I Was Not There" and envision yourself punching the air and jumping in a pit full of plaid wearers. [via email PR land]

SF producer Chris Dexter, known as oOoOO, released his debut LP, Without Your Love, this week, and it solidifies the fact that he won't be going down in flames with the rest of the now-faded witch house genre. [via Pitchfork]

Like almost everything SF band Lumerians releases, their new video for the slow burner "Life Without Skin" somehow illuminates that microscopic line during an acid trip where you could either ascend to the heavens or fall down a rabbit hole to hell. Watch at your own risk of flashbacks. [via Noisey]

Apparently, Outside Lands is already close to selling out. It's Decision 2013, people. [via SF Weekly]

On-fire San Jose rapper Antwon released a new 7" featuring his tracks "Dying in the Pussy" and "Life Is What You Make It" on Suicide Squeeze Records. We highly recommend snagging one of the 750 copies while you can. [via The Bay Bridged]

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