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Buzzsaw pop maniacs Terry Malts shared a new track called "Walking Without You" from their upcoming album Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere. It thrashes. It bleeds feedback. It'll shred your eardrums. Listen ASAP. [via SoundCloud]

Oakland's progressive doom band Secrets of the Sky released a fresh song entitled "Sunrise," which is just a taste of their much-anticipated debut LP To Sail Black Waters (dropping early autumn). The crushing, eight-minute slab of slow-rolling turmoil just whets our appetite for more. [via email PR land]

Also on the new release tip is Meat Market, who unveiled a scrappy, rowdy one called "Too Tired," which boasts not one but TWO guitar solos. I was tired too until I started listening to it. Better than Red Bull. Better than a 5 Hour Energy shot at 3 pm. [via The Bay Bridged]

Wax Idols expanded their excellent video repertoire with a creepy/sexy one for their slow-roller "Scent of Love." It's hard to take your eyes off singer Hether Fortune, and video director Hannah Lew captures her magnetism perfectly. [via Vimeo]

Seriously, does Ty Segall ever sleep? Does he eat? Does he do anything besides make and play music? NPR streamed the guy's latest upcoming album, Sleeper, this week, and according to the accompanying article Segall recently lost his father to cancer, and had a falling out with his mom. You can hear the ensuing anguish in his latest work. [via NPR]

Influential KMEL DJ Chuy Gomez, who's been on the decks for more than 20 years at the Bay Area hip hop station, was let go this week–though no reason has been given for the parting of ways. Local rappers and fans are understandably confused and pissed. [via SF Weekly]

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