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Let your freak flag fly: It’s the return of the Space Lady! Her Elbo Room performance is a ways off (March 14), but this past week I was listening to KUSF-in-Exile (technically getting renamed San Francisco Community Radio) when I discovered the weirdest, but most lovely sounding cover of Steppenwolf’s ‘Born to be Wild’. Dazed Digital gets the inside scoop on Susan Dietrich, definitely an obscure cult figure from this city’s stash of street buskers. Only in America can you go from a panhandling past to a West Coast touring sensation. If you missed out on getting hypnotized by this outsider’s tunes in the 80s and 90s, you’re in luck. Her greatest hits album is being released and the first SF club appearance with Bronze and Group Rhoda isn’t far away. [via Dazed Digital]

Free entry and all ages events are things not usually offered at Potrero’s Thee Parkside, but The First Annual Bay Area Record Label Fair (B.A.R.F.) is going against the grain. You can buy direct from some of our favorite labels and the list is solid. Fat Wreck Chords, 1-2-3-4 Go!, Revolver USA/ Midheaven and Castle Face will all be on hand with live performances by local bands Cocktails and Dog Party. It’s a daytime thing February 15th, plus you can win a raffle. [via SF Weekly]

Speaking of Castle FaceBurnt Ones announced that that's where they’re releasing their third LP, Gift, out March 25th. They’ll also be heading to SXSW and doing some tour dates (including one right here at Rickshaw Stop) with the very SF-tied Ty Segall and others with relative newcomers on the scene, Useless Eaters. Bay Bridged digs this “sonic tapestry” and gives “Spell Breakers” a spin. [via Bay Bridged]

The sale of records and the artistry involved on Castle Face comes full circle with the forthcoming album release by that label’s founder John Dwyer. You’re probably thinking “he’s not SF anymore, he’s LA”. OK. You’re right, but what did we do to the former Oh See’s frontman to make him call his solo project, Damaged Bug? Poor guy. Well, here’s hoping he finds his stride and evolves again in So-Cal into something beautiful. The 12-song LP called, Hubba Bubba comes out February 25th. SPIN mentions Brian Eno-like vocals, but we’re definitely getting a Silver Apples vibe from some of his new album artwork. [via SPIN]

And as all good things must come to an end, DJs Jamie Jams and Emdee are ending their popular 90s dance night, Debaser, on a high after six years. Hole, Weezer, Blur and Nirvana were just some of the retro favorites that packed the Mission’s sweaty Knockout bar. But fear not, SFBG reports these same jockeys will focus on the future (which in this case is still the past) with their 2000s “indie dance party” called Last Nite. But be sure to kiss Debaser goodbye first, it’s this Saturday night. [via SFBG]

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