Three Reasons to Cross the Bay Bridge


The East Bay's at it again with a new bag of treats this weekend. If you're a fan of theatre, jazz, and/or independent film, you're going to be in for some sweet surprises. Hop on over the Bay Bridge and catch the vibes at these events.   

Fortinbras: Not (Quite) Shakespeare in the Park Are you a fan of Shakespeare tragedies? Ever thought about what it'd be like to have a sequel to one of the playwright's masterpieces? The Actors Ensemble of Berkeley is hosting Lee Blessing's FORTINBRAS at John Hinkel Park in Berkeley for two weekends in a row. Come see the modern spin-off of Hamlet with timeless themes and outrageous dialogue that'll tickle your funny bone. All shows are free of charge.

Yoshi's Jazz Fest The Bay Area's music scene wouldn't be the same without Yoshi's, an adored Japanese restaurant that welcomes top-of-the-line live music. This Saturday, Yoshi's honors jazz with a free fest at Jack London Square. Enjoy mouth-watering food combined with the best of live jazz on the waterfront with acclaimed guests Salvador Santana, Dos Four, the Julian Coryell Trio, and the Oakland Jazz Workshop Performance Ensemble. It's destined to be an afternoon to remember.

Jamaican American Film Festival The Jamaican American Association of Northern California (JAANC) presents the Jamaican American film festival, in celebration of Jamaica’s 51st anniversary as an independent nation. Join others at the New Parkway on Sunday to see two films: Akwantu, which chronicles the Maroons’ struggle for freedom against the British Empire during the 18th century, and Jamaica Land, a documentary about two American-born daughters of Jamaican movie star and famed reggae artist, Jon Ras Kidus Cornelius, which focuses on the exploration of their Jamaican heritage.

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