Top 7 Takeaways from “The Franchise” Premiere


Like the good Giants fans we are, we caught the premiere of “The Franchise” last night, the Showtime series chronicling the ball club’s post-World Series season and its quest to hold on to the championship. For those of you who missed it, here are the highlights:
   1. Barry Zito is not bitter about the difficulties that have plagued his pitching the last few years. To the contrary, Zito appeared philosophical, humble, and team-oriented. This may be due to his yoga practice, which looked surprisingly elegant. Zito held a stoic Tree Pose while his trainer watched, balanced impressively in Natarajasana, and his Warrior II was expertly aligned.

   2. We got a close-up look at Buster Posey’s injured ankle, swollen and bruised. He reported lots of little pops and clicks as he tried moving it, and noted that the really difficult time will be once the pain has ceased and he can walk, but still not play. He also answered whether he’d ever let one of his sons play the vulnerable-to-injury position of catcher. “No way. No way,” he said.

   3. Cameras took us inside SF General as Jeremy Affeldt paid a moving visit to Giants fan Bryan Stow, who remains critically brain-injured after being brutally beaten at the opening-day game between the Dodgers and Giants in LA last March. (You can get updates from Bryan’s family or donate to his medical bills here.)

   4. The Giants clubhouse is the Ultimate Man Cave, a windowless bunker outfitted in huge leather couches, bigscreen TVs, and lots of adult refreshments. When they lose, they break out the beer. When they win, they open some nice bottles of wine. “Things start to make a lot more sense after the third or fourth glass,” joked manager Bruce Bochy. (We're paraphrasing. And we agree.)

   5. Thong-wearing Aubrey Huff is not afraid to break out the dance moves. While being interviewed on the MLB program “Intentional Talk” in May, Huff showed how he works it in ‘da club with an hysterical white-man-robot-break move.

   6. Matt Cain’s chubby, adorable baby daughter looks exactly like him, and he, Affeldt, and Cody Ross are doting dads.

   7. Baseball players have smokin’ hot wives—who also seem genuinely sweet and loving. Wait, you already knew that.

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