Tuesdays with Tori


Along the information highway, there are endless recipe stops, so it’s nice when someone takes control of the wheel and lets you kick back.

Tori Ritchie (my former boss from my days back at SF mag, the author of many cookbooks, the former host of Ultimate Kitchens on the Food Network and a regular guest cook on CBS’s Early Show), has just launched Tuesday Recipe, a website that’s very much like Tori herself: to the point, decidedly unfrou-frou and refreshingly free of bells and whistles.

The concept is simple. Every Tuesday, she’ll send you a new recipe via email at no charge. But lest you think it’s all about Tori, the site provides a venue for “like-minded” cooks to share their favorite dishes too. Tori will edit the selected submissions from different contributors and post them as she does. Soon, “friends and friends of friends” will help it grow (can you hear the music?).

I know Tori well enough to vouch for the fact that her taste in food runs towards the simple and homey. You won’t be seeing any foie gras or caviar, head cheese or croque en bouche. You also won’t get any hoity-toity, holier than thou, from the earth-to-the-table-in-three-steps-or-less California cuisine attitude. Radish, fennel and mint salad, Vietnamese chicken salad, Moroccan meatballs—just delicious food that’s simple to cook.

Tori Ritchie's Moroccan Meatballs.

Within a week, Tori already has had 300 people sign up. When something this good (not to mention free and devoid of advertising) comes your way, yield. Stop your search engines and sign up.

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