Turn Your Blog into a Book Using Hyperink


Blog posts come and go quickly, which is one of the joys but also one of the frustrations of the trade.

Over time, you can publish thousands of posts that are several hundred words long each, which will quickly add up to millions of words.

The problem for most bloggers is how to better preserve and monetize all of this work?

Well, San Francisco-based ebook publisher Hyperink has come up with an option. This week, it is introducing a concept it calls “blog books,” which are short (10-12,000 word) compilations of a blogger’s best, say, 25 posts on a topic.

These are edited and formatted for multiple ebook platforms, and sold for in the range of $3-5 each.

The company has already tested out the concept with two well-known bloggers, paleo-blogger Richard Nicoley and Foundry Group VC Brad Feld.

“Readers are huge fans of these books,” says Hyperink CEO Kevin Gao. “For them, it’s like being able to give a vote of support for that writer. Like 'now I get to support you by buying your book and also get to access your best content.'”

Hyperink has refined the process so publishing these books happens very quickly.

“The beauty of it is it only takes us a couple of weeks to a month to publish the selected blog content as a book,” explains Gao. “So as a book It's super current. These are shorter, topical, plus updateable over time. If you want to add an update, we can do that within a couple of days at most.”

Hyperink assigns an editor to work with the bloggers to produce these elegant little books and pays a 50 percent royalty to the author.

The company has three in-house editors overseeing all production and works with another dozen or so freelance editors who have expertise in various topics.

When I first profiled Hyperink, six months ago, they had primarily focused on “How-to” titles for their first 100 ebooks. Now they’ve published over 600 titles and have broadened out to many categories of non-fiction, including biographies and dieting books.

The staff of ten, half of whom are engineers, work out of their office near South Park.

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