Two Doses of Summer: Melted Toys' "Rose Again" and Dominant Legs' "Laughing the Whole Time"


Sometimes, you just gotta let your brain get lazy. I recently got the split 7" single done by local bands Dominant Legs and Melted Toys–both of whom we've given a lot of love before–from French record press Atelier Ciseaux. When I need to completely zen out on and forget that it's miserable outside, I put it on at full blast. And maybe do a little dancing.

The two songs, "Laughing the Whole Time" by Dominant Legs, and "Rose Again" by Melted Toys are so shimmering and summery that they remind me what it's like to feel the sun's warmth on my neck, and to actually break a sweat walking to the corner store for cold beer. Pump these tunes into your ears for a little dose of heat on this dreary day. Where's our Indian summer, anyway?



MELTED TOYS // DOMINANT LEGS by lastationradar

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