Video Obsession: A 1958 Trip to San Francisco


Satirical videos of San Francisco abound. And yeah, they're good for a share and a quick LOL on Facebook. But none are so fabulous, so classic, so quaint, so nostalgic as this video posted today by YouTuber Jeff Altman of his grandfather's 1958 visit to SF. It has loads of landmarks to love, including Chinatown (hey, sailors), curvy Lombard Street in bloom, and a ride across the Golden Gate Bridge in vintage style.

But this glimpse back in time shows more than just San Francisco through a midcentury filter (the film was "scanned on a Spirit Datacine, aka a Spirit 1, and was color corrected on a daVinci 2k Plus; the conversion from 18fps to 24fps was done on daVinci Resolve utilizing the Optical Flow interpolation," explains Altman for you film geeks out there), it shows an altogether different city by the Bay: one where all the men wore suits...

the women all wore lipstick...

and everyone smoked...even inside (Top of the Mark?).

Watch the whole delicious video here:

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