Future feel uncertain? See what's in the cards with a virtual psychic reading
San Francisco–based psychic guide and author Derek Calibre consults his personal collection of modern art cards during what he calls "Postcard Tarot." (Courtesy of baycitypsychic.com)

Future feel uncertain? See what's in the cards with a virtual psychic reading


We're all in a pandemic state of mind. While the novel coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the immune and respiratory systems of the people who are infected, and the impact of business closures is crushing us all financially, the self isolation that comes with shelter in place orders is taking a toll on our mental (and spiritual) wellbeing.

As the days at home begin to bleed together, our feelings of uncertainty are getting real. When will life go back to normal? When can we go back to work? Out to eat? Will we get sick? Will someone we love get sick? Is it ever going to end? If only we had a crystal ball that could foretell the future; not knowing is leading to emotional restlessness—confusion, anger, trauma.

If you're in need of guidance, you can sit down with an intuitive coach. Not IRL, of course, but the practice of psychic counseling need not take place in an office.

San Francisco–based (and Goop-approved) intuitive counselor Nicki Bonfilio has been meeting with clients over the phone for at least 20 years. "Even with my current clients, who used to come into my office, they seem to be taking to the switch really well," she says.

Bonfilio's list of services includes "easing transitions with those afflicted with life-threatening illnesses," potentially helpful for anyone out there who might be gravely impacted physically by the virus. For the emotionally distraught but otherwise healthy (i.e. everybody else), her sessions might focus on maximizing self-awareness, promoting peace and clarity of mind, and intuitive revelations based upon astrology.

I've never had a psychic reading before, so I was nervous before my call with Bonfilio. Our time together began just as it would in her office, with shared deep breathing exercises, attention to tension points in the body, and a greeting to all the positive forces in our lives, be they of this mortal coil or elsewhere in the universe.

Our 90-minute session proved introspective, testing, and relaxing. Fears were surrendered, tensions released, and I felt metaphysically lighter afterward. I left that synergistic meeting with some questions answered, "resonances" and gut feelings clarified, and with an overall sense of levity that has basically eluded me since shelter in place began mid-March.

I'm betting we could all use some illumination and recalibration these days. Here are our suggestions for finding virtual enlightenment around the Bay Area.

Nicki Bonfilio, Intuitive Counselor

She's a bit of a rock star among spiritual seekers and those who work in the intuitive counseling space—Bonfilio participated in Goop's Bay Area wellness summit in the fall of 2019, where she lead a class around developing intuition. In lieu of meeting with clients at her Mission office, she's conducting 60- and 90-minute sessions, both for individuals and couples, over the phone ($210-$405). // For phone appointments, call 415-487-4399;nickibonfilio.com.

Physic Guidance with Derek Calibre

Calibre is sheltering in place near Telegraph Hill, but for over 15 years he has worked as a psychic across the globe—in Tokyo, New York City, and Honolulu. Over the course of his travels, Calibre has collected over 400 modern art cards which serve, he says, "as a remarkably rich oracle that I call The Postcard Tarot." He's also penned a book, Can You Turn It Off?: A Diary of Psychic Awakening. // For phone appointments, call 646-351-6159;baycitypsychic.com.

Psychic Horizons

The intuitive staff at Psychic Horizons uses integrated meditation tools to bridge the connection between the spirit world and the physical one. The spiritual guides, many of whom have been practicing for 20-some years, champion three core principles—grounding, centering, and empowered ownership—to help seekers find clarity and reassurance in their everyday lives. A free intro class is available online. // For phone video appointments, email psychic@psychichorizons.com;psychichorizons.com.

Queen of Cups Tarot with Jamie Starzyk

For over 15 years, Starzyk has helped better the relationships, careers, and spiritual paths of her clients using a litany of physic mediums including palmistry, tarot, numerology, and past lives readings. She recommends each client set aside up to two hours so she can fully tap into their essence. // For phone appointments, email lilithwalks77@gmail.com; queenofcupstarot.com.

Laura Hollie

With 30 years experience, Hayward-based psychic and life coach Laura Hollie combines dream interpretation, chakra balancing, karmic readings, aura analysis, and meditation to help her clients sort through destructive behaviors and tap into their higher minds. // For phone appointments, call 510-886-2426;laurahollie.com.

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