We Wanna Be Friends With ‘Psycho’ Comedienne Margaret Cho


We f*#@$*g love Margaret Cho. The San Francisco native with the chutzpah to tackle all our issues head on—and the surrogate daughter of Robin Williams and Joan Rivers, and the mother of Amy Schumer—begins touring her new show, “PsyCHO,” on October 2, with two shows scheduled at SF's Castro Theatre on October 15. We sat down with Cho to find out just how psycho she really is.

7x7: How did you get started in comedy?

MC: I started in comedy when I was about 14. I just wanted to be a comedian. I knew that was job, that was my destiny, and that was what I was supposed to do. To know that early, what you want in life, is a really important thing. So I’m grateful.

7x7: Were your parents supportive?

MC: I think they were confused at first. They have grown to be greatly supportive and involved, but it took a while. It’s just weird because they didn’t have any examples to look to, to say these people have done comedy. There were no Asian Americans in comedy. They really didn’t know what to make of it.

7x7: Who was your biggest role model?

MC: I think Joan Rivers, and still to this day.

7x7: What is the basis of PsyCHO?

MC: I wanted to do a show that was really just about using anger as a positive tool to heal as opposed to destroy, which is what anger is traditionally used for.

7x7: What do you hope folks will take away from the show?

MC: I think that it’s good to get mad about things. It’s good to really rage against things and feel righteous in your anger.

7x7: You are amazing at bringing awareness to issues, from police brutality to racism to violence against women. How do you think society can affect change?

MC: It’s all about discussion, and we have social media at our fingertips.

7x7: How do you spend your time when you're in SF?

MC: When I come back to the city now, it’s for my homeless outreach. So, it’s dedicated to the philanthropic work of Robin Williams. We do that out on the street, everywhere in the city.

7x7: If you weren’t a comedian, you'd be...

MC: Possibly a veterinarian. I do love animals, and I think I have sort of a good hand with them.

7x7: What do you like about standup?

MC: I like the autonomy, that I can just do whatever I want. I love that.

7x7: There are some great female comedians coming up on the scene. What do you think about Amy Schumer?

MC: I love it, I love it. She’s like my daughter. I love her comedy and what she has to say. I’m proud of her.

7x7: If you could have dinner with anyone on the planet, who would it be?

MC: I would love to see Joan Rivers again.


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