We Wanna Be Friends With Susan Bennett, the Voice of Siri


With the recent launch of Apple's newest generation of iPhones, we started to wonder, exactly who is Siri? 

And while asking your iPhone this question will only get you existential answers such as "I'm here to help" and "I don't know what you're asking," we tracked down the elusive voice behind the phenomenon.  

Susan Bennett was just an Atlantic-based actor before becoming one of the most famous voices in the world. One day, back in the 90s, Bennett was recoding a jingle for a TV commercial, when someone at Apple realized that her voice didn't have any kind of accent.

“They gave me a script and I had to repeat phrases, and sometimes nonsense sentences, hundreds and hundreds times,” she told 7x7. In 2012, after updating the last script, she decided to quit being Siri and pursue her true passion: narrations. While Apple may have a new voice of Siri for its latest models, it's still Bennett's voice that guides many people through their daily tasks. 

We caught up with the iconic voice to ask her what it feels like to be in everyone's pockets. 

7x7: What is your favorite jingle?

SB: The singing chicken for Zeneca Agricultural Products.

 7x7: What is your favorite type of voice acting?

SB: My favorite thing is a dialogue spot, whether it's for TV or radio.  Those can be very creative and fun!

7x7 What is the performance you would like to be remembered for?

SB: Singing the Emmy Lou Harris part of "That Loving You Feeling Again" with Roy Orbison on the show, Austin City Limits.

7x7: Do you have any voice role models?

SB: I don't really have a single person. I do notice a lot of voices on TV and radio that I like, and I also have some voice actor friends whose voices are great.

7x7: Have you ever been recognized by your voice?

SB: My normal speaking voice is a little bit different from the one of Siri. However, one day I was at the bank and I was talking to a gentleman about my banking account. He told me “your voice sounds familiar” and I said “really?” Then he recognized me, and said my voice was similar to Apple’s Siri. I was very impressed. It's not so easy to have such acute hearing.

7x7: Do you like the new Siri voice?

SB: I prefer mine! :) 

7x7: What is your next project?

SB: I have recurring jobs doing narrations and messaging, and I have a couple of things "in the works" that I don't want to jinx!

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