Wedding RX: How Do I Tell My Wedding Guests To Lay Off The Tech Toys?


My biggest wedding pet peeve: When guests Tweet, text, and FB during a couple’s “I Do’s.” It’s so rude! How do I tell my own invitees “I Don’t” to tech toys during the ceremony?

“Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life—the only things that should be ringing are the church bells after you say “I Do.” Simply ask the officiant to state before the ceremony: “As a courtesy to the bride and groom, please turn off all electronic devices.” It happens at movie theaters and funerals so why not weddings?” 
– Lisa Mirza Grotts, Etiquette Expert, AML Group

“Keep your guests’ hands busy with fun things to play with such as paper replicas of Facebook “Like” signs to hold up during the parts of the ceremony they like!”
 – Jubilee Lau, Wedding Planner, Jubilee Lau Events

“Short of having a collection basket for cell phones, you don’t have control over your guests. You can have a member of your wedding party request all tech toys be turned off. And if that doesn’t work, have them say: “However, if you have withdrawal issues please be sure to sit in the back and only post flattering photos.” A bit dramatic, but will make your point.” 
– Rosalinda Randall, Etiquette Consultant, Your Relationship Edge

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