West Wave Dance Festival


Anchored by a few core companies, dance in San Francisco is still a constantly shifting landscape of performers breaking out as choreographers and long-term creators coming into their own - all of them in need of a place to set their dancers loose. One Monday a month, West Wave Dance Festival plucks notable and burgeoning dance-makers from the Bay Area to perform on Fort Mason’s stage - minus the burden of self-producing, something that makes even the strongest heart quaver. (You’ve seen rent in this town. Ouch.)

October’s edition features a slew of contemporary choreographers, including Annie Rosenthal Parr, Rachel Barnett, Victor Kabaniaev, Tammy Cheney, and Kara Davis. Kabaniaev’s strong classical background serves as a core for his original and often dramatically intense work while Cheney puts levels and her dancers to dynamic use. Last up is Kara Davis, whose work is described by the San Francisco Chronicle as “sculpturally exquisite and shape-shifting.”
October 11. Fort Mason Center. Tickets are $18-25 at westwavedancefestival.org.

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