What to Buy at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in April

What to Buy at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in April


Your monthly guide to shopping fresh produce at the Ferry Plaza farmers market.


Fun fact: The first strawberry was grown in Brittany, France in the late 1700 and didn't make it to the United States until a century later. California is currently the leading supplier of strawberries in the U.S., responsible for over 80 percent of the country’s crop. Ready to revel in this natural wonder? You can find the finest strawberries at Yerena Farms—they even supply Three Babes Bakeshop with fresh fruit for delicious strawberry and cream custard pies!  //  Yerena Farms (Tuesdays + Saturdays), cuesa.org/seller/yerena-farms



Rhubarb is comprised of toxic leaves and tart stalks. Though technically a vegetable, in 1947 a New York court decided to classify it as a fruit for regulatory purposes. It’s often stewed with sugar to mellow out its strong flavors, and you’ll most often find it paired with strawberries in tarts and pies. More pie!  //  Happy Quail Farms (Saturdays), happyquailfarms.com

English Peas

English Peas, also known as garden or shell peas, are sweet and crisp, but unlike sugar snap peas, the pods are inedible and must be husked. Each pound of peas will yield about one cup of shelled peas, so make sure you buy more than you think you’ll need. To serve them, boil the peas in water for a few minutes until tender, drain them, then top them with a healthy dab of butter and shower with a chiffonade of mint—it’s the ultimate spring dish.  //  Everything Under The Sun Farm (Tuesdays + Saturdays), facebook.com/Everything-Under-the-Sun-Farm


Carrots can come in various colors including purple, black, red, and yellow. The possibilities are endless with this one—juice them, puree them, turn them into a soup, or pickle them with Tartine's recipe. Fun fact: though most people throw away the green tops, you can save them and substitute them for basil when making a pesto.  //  Star Route Farms (Saturdays), starroutefarms.com

Omar Mamoon is the founder of Dough & Co.

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