What's to Come with the Smitten Ice Cream Expansion?

What's to Come with the Smitten Ice Cream Expansion?


This fall, Smitten Ice Cream will expand with two new stores, one in Rockridge, and another in Los Altos. Both are in areas known for having plenty of foot traffic and families. Currently Smitten serves 20,000 servings of ice cream per month at their original Hayes Valley location, and has branched out by offering catering, especially at weddings and corporate events. 

Smitten's patented Brrr machines whip up ice cream in 60 seconds, using liquid nitrogen that is 320 degrees below zero. While liquid nitrogen ice cream is not unique, Smitten’s helix beaters and viscosity measuring sensors are. 

Smitten has been working with seven engineers to develop Brrr version 2.0, a much larger machine, that will launch with the new stores. 

Each store will have one seasonal flavor a month. Flavors were introduced and tested extensively in the first year, and now the year's calendar is set in advance. This month’s seasonal flavor is Honey Nectarine, it is composed of two parts nectarine to one part dairy, and has a nectarine drizzle on top, rather than a honey drizzle. 

The two new stores will have six Brrr machines each, and will have bakery facilities so they can bake brioche for their soon-to-be-launched ice cream sandwiches (briochewiches or brrrgers, perhaps?). They're currently testing the sandwiches using brioche from Bakeshop. 

Smitten makes their own ice cream toppings, pistachio brittle, and Tcho crispies. The pistachio brittle is so popular they have started selling bags of it which will also be available at the new locations. Given the full bakery capabilities, other baked goods may be on the horizon as well. 

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