What's Your Favorite Dark Bar?


I tend to like may bars dark, especially if it's dark outside. Or if it's really bright and hot.

I was reminded of this the other night while drinking at the Elbo Room on Valencia. Not a bar I usually frequent (because it's too loud), the Elbo Room is, it must be said, impressively dim. I stumbled my way onto a bar stool and ordered a Death and Taxes from Moonlight Brewing in Santa Rosa. There was enough light to watch the bartender make giant, but rather unappealing looking margaritas (served in a pint glass, inferior tequila and triple sec, barely shaken), but also just enough dark to make the shimmering candles seem all the more valuable and to imbue the air with a pleasant enough sense of mystery.

There are many other dark bars in the city--Rye, Bourbon and Branch come to mind. What are some of your favorite? Can a bar be too dark?

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