'Tis the season to feast your eyes on the best gingerbread houses in the city.

To make it a little easier for you, we've put together a list of San Francisco hotels and restaurants with amazing gingerbread houses to feast your eyes upon, including a two-story Victorian made from gingerbread bricks.

The Two-story Gingerbread House at the Fairmont San Francisco

Where: 950 Mason St. (Chinatown)

When: Now Through January 1st

What: At 22 feet tall and 23 feet wide, The Fairmont San Francisco's culinary team meticulously planned the construction of this year's enormous gingerbread house, which will be equal in size to last year's stunning, "two-story" Victorian. The house was built with a completely edible exterior using thousands of gingerbread bricks and more than a ton of royal icing and candy décor. Now, you can also book the dining space inside the bowels of this gingerbread house for up to ten guests, which would, surely, make for an interesting dinner party. // For more information, visit

The Enchanted Sugar Castle at the Westin St. Francis

Where: 335 Powell St. (TenderNob)

When: Now Through January 2nd

What: Rightly coined "Sugar Castle," this life-like magical castle features grand circular towers, individual rooms, and colorful illuminated windows, all of which is circled by a candy-coated toy train. And, staying true to its name, various pulled-sugar ornaments, stain-glass window treatments, and other crystalized fixings can be seen throughout the entire design. // For more information, visit

The Painted Ladies Gingerbread Houses at Waterbar

Where: 399 The Embarcadero (Embarcadero)

When: Now through December 31st

What: This year's display is a replica of the San Francisco's ubiquitous Victorian houses, with unignorable nods to the 80's runaway hit Full House. A replica of the Painted Ladies—which include stained glass windows made from cast sugar, inside lights, and fondant-tiled roof—it's a labor of love to behold. And you can do so while enjoying a pick from their "Warmth of the Season" cocktails, to boot. // For more information, visit

The Gingerbread SF Cityscape and National Gingerbread Competition at Omni

Location: 500 California St. (FiDi)

When: Now until January 4th.

What: This year, in their usual fashion, Omni has crafted an edible wonderland comprised of all the yuletide confessions. Taking cues from SF's cityscape and skyline, the hotel's culinary team has crafted a table-sized work of holiday cheer, complete with LED lighting arrangements, nearly five-foot-tall castles, and, yes, even a moving toy train. Also, gingerbread houses that were part of the National Gingerbread Competition, which has been held annualy at SF's Omni for now over fifteen years, will be on display for your visual enjoyment. Swing by for an IG upload that'll leave your followers with gobbles of holiday cheer // For more information, visit


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