Which Champagne Are You?


We here at 7x7 are big fans of the bubbly. We use the term "champers" often and without irony. We may or may not be the proud owners of a desk-side office Veuve Cliquot fridge. So when Champagne purveyor Fat Cork presented us with an afternoon tasting, we politely obliged, promptly squealed, and readied our flutes.

The Seattle-based company specializes in all styles of grower Champagne, meaning their bottles come straight from vineyard owners and those tending the crop, rather than some  massive conglomerate with lots of marketing dollars and no connection to the grapes (we won’t name names, Schmoet Mandon). These boutique–style bottles tend to be better quality for a fairer price, and you won’t necessarily find them on Safeway shelves. Owner Bryan Maletis has been fostering personal relationships with these growers for years, and his enthusiasm for bubbles rivals ours—in short, he can be trusted to deliver a stellar bottle. Fat Cork offers both á la carte ordering and club membership, which provides exclusive access to vintages not available elsewhere. Let’s just say an office membership is on our Christmas list.

Ready to pop bottles? First use Fat Cork’s Champagne Guide here to figure out which style screams “that’s so you!” We passed it around to our editors, and let’s just say it was spot on (ahem, rosé for life). 

Brock Keeling (@BrockKeeling) – Brut Nature “A cuvee for those that enjoy fresh, crisp, and very dry! Jean-Baillette Prudhomme Brut Nature.”

Chloe Harris (@ChloeH415) – Grand Cru: “You appreciate the finer things in life, like Champagne from a top-rated village! Try anything from Hervy Quenardel.”

David Lytle (@davitydave) – Brut Nature: "A cuvée for those that enjoy fresh, crisp, and very dry!"

Leilani Marie Labong (@llcoolbabe) – Jeroboam: “You like to entertain and impress. A large format bottle like Pascal Redon Brut Jeroboam is sure to wow!”

Sarah Medina (@funkycolsmedina) – Vintage: “You have patience when it comes to enjoying something special. Try Gimmonnet-Oger Blanc de Blancs 1998.”

Schuyler Bailey (@SchuylerBailey) – Rosé: “A pink, bubbly drink, rosé is perfect for you! We recommend Pascal Redon Brut Rosé.”

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