Who Would You Glitter Bomb for April Fool's Day?


The fine folks at BloomThat, who provide nifty and unique bouquets, announced yesterday they'd be offering glitter bombs today, April Fools' Day, the most frustrating day of the year. Delivered via envelope to your loved one/frenemy (rather less aggressive than the in-your-face mode of delivery once issued to disgraced presidential candidate Rick Santorum), the prank is sweet and harmless...but perfectly statement-making. Glitter, stuck everywhere. They won't be able to get it out of anything! Mwa-ha-ha.

As we type, BloomThat has announced they have already run out of glitter. Lame. But we still want to know: Who would you glitter bomb? We asked a few of our friends which San Franciscan they would like to cream with a face full of sparkles. 

Yigit Pura (chef/owner, Tout Sweet Patisserie): "Our archbishop [Salvatore Cordileone]. Perhaps a glitter bomb will cheer him up so he can practice love for all, truly."

Kevin Sessums (editor, FourTwoNine): "Hunter Pence, so I could help him wash it off."

Adrienne Arieff (owner, Arieff Communications): "I would glitter bomb Ken Fulk. He seems like a magical force, so I think glitter bombing him just seems natural. I think he would wear it especially well in gold."

Jay Barmann (editor in chief, SFist): "C.W. Nevius, and half the news anchors in town, who just heard the news that Dolores Park has turned into a party on weekends, only recently heard that half the park has been closed for a year, and who think that the trash problem is brand new. Welcome to 2009."

Jay Jeffers (Jeffers Design Group): "Norah and Norman Stone – because I'm sure no matter the color of the glitter, it will work with their outfits!"

Chloé Harris Hennen (7x7): "Brock Keeling, just to hear him squeal."

For myself personally, I would like to bomb each and every media outlet who thinks that doing April Fool's prank-stories, in 2015, is still clever and original. 

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