Wilkes Bashford’s 75th Birthday Bash


On Tuesday, May 13 founder of the upscale department store Wilkes Bashford celebrated his 75th birthday among 74 of his closest friends and admirers. The black-tie birthday soiree was held at the Museum of African Diaspora and featured nibbles courtesy of 1300 on Fillmore.

Carmen Policy, Gail Policy

Tatiana Sorokko, Serge Sorokko

Guest, Wilkes Bashford, Blanche Brown

Willie Brown

Victor Makras, Farah Makras, Matthew Goudeau

Elaine McKeon, Wilkes Bashford

Mark Corsi, Joe Callahan, Midge Callahan

Wilkes Bashford, Willie Brown

Urannia Ristow, Wilkes Bashford, Tatiana Sorokko

OJ Shansby, Wilkes Bashford

Charles Villenueva, Serita Sangimino, Wilkes Bashford

Willie Brown, Cynthia Fry Gunn

 Paul Pelosi, Wilkes Bashford

Brent Johnson, Mary Johnson

Susan Brown, Wilkes Bashford

Alisa Stephens, Linsey Salyer

Kim Brandon, Dede Wilsey

Tatiana Sorokko, Paul Pelosi

George Shultz, Charlotte Shultz

Catherine Bigelow, Matthew Goudeau

Alan Malouf, Alisa Stephens

Ed Conlin, Paul Pelosi, Brunno Ristow

Michael Brown, Isabella Brown

Willie Brown, Patti Austin, Wilkes Bashford

Wilkes Bashford, Kamala Harris

Farah Makras, Victor Makras

Karen LeVett, Denny LeVett, Linsey Salyer

Steven Kay, Maria Manetto Farrow

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