Will Draw for Beer: Pabst Art Contest


Pabst Brewing Company's fourth annual PB-Arts Contest provides everyone a valid excuse to drink lots of that watery American-style lager in the iconic red, white, and blue can. From now until January 15, 2010, Pabst Arts will accept PBR-inspired submissions in four categories: photography/digital media, 2D (painting, drawing), 3D (sculpture, collage), and poetry. That's right, poetry, and last year's poetry category winner, Wisconsin's Josh Cairney, won it with a haiku: "A pop of the tab / A cold can greets patient lips / The taste of heaven." I dare San Francisco sculptors to top last year's majestic and somehow ironic PBR can eagle by Madison Burger of rural Macungie, PA. Admittedly, the photography winner, Timothy Dolph of Atlanta, produced a pretty cool photo. One grand prize winner in each category will earn $1,893 and free PBR for a year, which could just be used to fuel even bigger (literally) and better entries for next year! Runners-up receive $631 and four months of free beer. If you think you have the ambition, self-assuredness, and liver endurance to win, enter your poem or photo of your work here.

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