Workout Destination: Baker Beach


If you're like most San Franciscans, you're healthy, you're active and you like the outdoors. In fact, that's probably why you live here. So in the spirit of helping you walk the walk, we've teamed with the fitness gurus over at PacWest Athletics to highlight various inspiring outdoor locations around the Bay.

So here's one at quintessential SF pretty spot: Baker Beach.

 (For a to-go version, download and print this pdf).

1. From the lower Baker Beach parking lot, start with an easy jog along the beach making your way north towards the infamous sand ladder.

2. Loop your resistance band around the fence posts at the bottom of the sand ladder and do 2-3 sets of:

-Chest extensions facing the beach

-Rotator cuff on both left and right side

-Lat pull downs facing the sand ladder

3. Size up your adversary, the sand ladder. Take a deep breath and make your way up to the very top of the trail head at Lincoln Blvd. Based on fitness level, you can choose to jog up the stairs our simply walk. Repeat 1, 2 or more times.

4. Stay at the top of the sand ladder after your last stair repeat and begin side squats down the hill (south). Make sure to alternate your squats leading with the left leg (facing beach) and the right (facing Lincoln)

5. As you make your way down the trailhead, you will cross a fire road. Jog this to the bottom of the hill.

6. At the bottom of the hill, stop at the Battery Chamberlin bunkers on your left (History note: these were built in 1904).

7. Utilize this unique “street furniture” with its multi-level platforms, steps and concrete walls for push ups, triceps dips and a 2-3 minute wall sit.

8. Climb to the top the Battery Chamberlin steps and end your workout with a good 10 minute abdominal session overlooking the Baker Beach ocean!

9. Stretch it out.

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