Would You Buy This Strange Umbrella for Your Bike?
(photo courtesy of LeafXPro)

Would You Buy This Strange Umbrella for Your Bike?


If you're an avid cyclist or commute to work via bicycle then you might be interested in investing in the LeafxPro kit, an attachable weather protection kit, or "bicycle umbrella," that promises to keep you dry from the worst El Niño storm. That is, if you don't mind getting strange looks as you pedal down Market Street in a two-wheeled version of the Popemobile.

"There had to be an efficient, durable, versatile, comfortable, stylish, ergonomic and easy to use way to ride from A to B, even with bad weather conditions," the creators of London-based LeaxPro said in a press release.

With such a lofty goal, here's what the company came up with.

This bicycle umbrella comes with two easy-to-assemble-and-dissemble accessories: The Storm and The Baby.

The Storm accessory. (courtesy of LeafxPro)

The Storm Accessory provides rear and side protection, while The Baby Accessory provides protection to children (or groceries/ French bulldogs/ six-packs of beer) seated in baby seats. Both accessories can be combined to offer the ultimate weather protection for both the a rider and their cargo.

The Baby accessory (courtesy of LeafxPro)

The "umbrella" is also adjustable to the height of the user, resistant to winds up to 50 mph, and compatible with almost any city bike (the only requirement is a handlebar width between 48cm and 65cm).

The LeafxPro Kit with a Storm or Baby accessory are being sold for $89 on Indiegogo. Go ahead and check it out, we promise not to laugh if we see you around town.

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